Vattenfall Oxyfuel Combustion Plant in Germany

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A Coal fired power station that does not release any CO2 into the atmosphere is due to start operating in Germany soon.

According to reports, it will be the first coal-fired plant in the world that captures and stores its own CO2 emissions.

The station is a 5 MW pilot project for carbon capture and storage (CCS) and if it works, there is a chance that it could become mandatory technology for all new power stations in Kyoto signatory countries, and elsewhere.

The technology involves breathing pure oxygen into the boiler and burning powdered lignite. The outcome will be heat, water vapour, impurities and nine tonnes of CO2 an hour which is then separated and compressed to one 500th of its original volume.

The plant operators, Vattenfall, have been working on the project for two years. To watch video and listen to commentary about the new technology, click here.

3 Responses to “Vattenfall Oxyfuel Combustion Plant in Germany”

  1. Mckenzee Blake

    I thought Vattenfall started this way back in 2008. When are they completing it ?

  2. Jacintha

    The pilot plant is an
    important milestone in the effort to achieve the goal of a commercial
    concept for CCS by 2020. It will be the first plant in the world to test
    the Oxyfuel combustion technology on this scale and to include the
    full CCS chain.

    The 30 MWth pilot plant is the first visual sign of Vattenfall’s CCS efforts and is
    located near the existing 1 600 MWe lignite-fired power plant in Schwarze Pumpe,
    south of Berlin in Germany.
    The purpose of the pilot plant is to validate and improve the technology relating
    to the Oxyfuel capture of CO2. A wide range of tests will be performed at the pilot
    plant and a first test period will last for three years.

    In many parts of the world, CO2 is found in geological formations where it has often
    been trapped between the pore spaces of sedimentary rock much in the same
    way as oil and natural gas. The idea behind geological storage is to replicate the
    conditions existing in these natural carbon dioxide accumulations.

    Oxyfuel combustion, where CO2 is practically the only product following combustion
    in almost pure oxygen and recycled flue gas, instead of in air.

  3. emily Carden

    The plant is located southeast of Berlin in Germany in the vicinity of the existing lignite-fired power plant Schwarze Pumpe.

    The oxyfuel pilot plant consists of a single 30MWth, top-mounted, PF burner and the subsequent flue gas cleaning equipment, electrostatic precipitator, wet flue gas desulpherization and the flue gas condenser. In addition to these components, a CO2 separation plant is placed downstream of the flue gas condenser to produce liquid CO2. A cryogenic air separation unit located at the site will supply gaseous oxygen with a minimum purity of 99,5% needed for the combustion. The burner is designed for both pre-dried lignite and bituminous coal which will be tested in a later phase.

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