Novel Porous Hybrid Solids for Carbon Capture – PhD Studentships

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Two PhD studentships (2009-) are available in Chemistry at St Andrews University on the EPSRC-funded project (EP/G062129). Their aim is to design and optimise sorbents for carbon capture technologies based on microporous framework solids. This will build on work in the research group at St Andrews University that has prepared materials with improved thermal stability and adsorption site types and monitored their properties as sorbents. The work will be closely integrated with a consortium that aims to optimise carbon capture technologies, so that the materials will be tested in other laboratories, including Chemical Engineering at Edinburgh and University College London.

Novel MOF structure types will be prepared by the design and synthesis of ligands and the hydrothermal and solvothermal reaction of these ligands with metal cations under pH and oxidation state control. Novel zeolitic and mesoporous structures will be prepared by designed templating approaches. The structures will be solved via X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy and further characterised by multinuclear NMR spectroscopy. The adsorption behaviour will be measured by automated gravimetric and volumetric equipment available in the department and using advanced spectoscopic and diffraction measurements at central facilities and international laboratories.


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