Latest research articles in Biomass co firing


  • A Techno-economic assessment of the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions through the use of biomass co-combustion (McIlveen-Wright et al )    More


  • Thermodynamic modelling of co-firing coal and biomass pyrolysis gas in a power plant (Marcus et al )   More
  • Biomass integrated gasification combined cycle power generation with supplementary biomass firing: Energy and exergy based performance analysis (Abhishek et al )  More
  • Techno-­‐Economic  and  Environmental  Opportunities  for Biomass Heat and Power Generation ( Wright et al ) More
  • Overview of recent advances in thermo-chemical conversion of biomass (Zhang et al ) More


  • Co-firing biomass with coal for electricity generation—An assessment of the potential in EU27 (Julia et al)    More
  • Characterisation of biomass and coal co-firing on a 3 MWth Combustion Test Facility using flame imaging and gas/ash sampling techniques (Peter Molcan et al )         More
  •  The effect of O2 enrichment on NOx formation in biomass co-fired pulverised coal combustion (Nimmo et al )  More
  • Numerical modeling of the gasification based biomass co-firing in a 600 MW pulverized coal boiler (Dong et al)    More
  • Strategies for 2nd generation biofuels in EU – Co-firing to stimulate feedstock supply development and process integration to improve energy efficiency and economic competitiveness     (Göran et al ) More
  • The cofiring problem of a power plant under policy regulations (Liisa Kangas et al)    More
  • Business viability of biomass co-firing and gasification for electricity generation (Johnson et al )     More
  • Cofiring versus biomass-fired power plants: GHG (Greenhouse Gases) emissions savings comparison by means of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology (Sebastián et al ) More
  • The case of co-firing: The market level effects of subsidizing biomass co-combustion  (Jussi Lintunen  and Hanna-Liisa Kangas) More
  • The economics of reburning with cattle manure-based biomass in existing coal-fired power plants for NOx and CO2 emissions control (Nicholas et al ) More


  • Impact of cofiring biomass with coal in power plants – A techno-economic assessment (S. De and M. Assadi )     More
  • Co-firing of biomass waste-derived syngas in coal power boiler (Sylwester et al )  More
  • Co-combustion of agricultural residues with coal in a fluidised bed combustor ( Ghani et al )   More
  • Overview and some issues related to co-firing biomass and coal (Jianjun Dai et al )     More
  • Characterisation of large solid recovered fuel particles for direct co-firing in large PF power plants (Gregory Dunnu et al ) More
  • Comparative study on biomass power generation technologies (Wu et al)  More


  •  Impact of co-firing coal and biomass on flame characteristics and stability (Gang et al) More
  • Grate-firing of biomass for heat and power production (Chungen et al)      More
  • Optimal planning of co-firing alternative fuels with coal in a power plant by grey nonlinear mixed integer programming model ( Ko et al ) More
  • Contemporary issues in thermal gasification of biomass and its application to electricity and fuel production (Wang et al ) More 



  • Patents
  • Co-gasification process for hydrocarbon solids and biomass (Ramesh Varadaraj et al 2009)Read more
  • Method and apparatus for biomass torrefaction, manufacturing a storable fuel from biomass and producing offsets for the combustion products of fossil fuels and a combustible article of manufacture (John A. Paoluccio 2006)Read more
  • Process and apparatus for generating power, producing fertilizer, and sequestering, carbon dioxide using renewable biomass (Wolken, Myron B. 2003)Read more

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