Maritime Carbon Capture Research – CCS Aboard Ships

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OK, this post is not exactly about CCS at power plants, but it is about CCS for – ships, of all things!

Apparently, maritime CO2 emissions are about 1000 million tons per year (1 gigaton), about 2.5% of total CO2 emissions produced by all human activities – total is about 40 Giga tons per year from all anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

A new R&D project aims to develop blueprint designs for on-ship carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology to reduce maritime greenhouse gas emissions. In this context, Det Norske Veritas AS, a leading maritime classification society has joined with the consultant group Process Systems Enterprise Ltd (PSE).

This maritime CCS project aims to develop a blueprint design for an on-board process for chemical capture and temporary storage of CO2 for ships in transit until discharge into transmission and storage infrastructures at the next suitable port.


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