Landfill Methane Reclamation Product from Air Liquide

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Industrial giant Air Liquide of France has launched a new product to capture and reclaim methane from landfills. Named BIOGAZ, and originally developed in the U.S., the system converts methane gas into pipeline quality energy, the company says.

Organic waste buried in landfills degrades into biogases, which comprise methane, the major constituent of natural gas. When released in the atmosphere, methane contributes to the greenhouse effect. In the summer of 2006, a BIOGAZ system was installed at a new landfill methane recovery project near Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

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3 Responses to “Landfill Methane Reclamation Product from Air Liquide”

  1. Duncan

    See what chairman Keystone Renewable Energy has to say about Biogaz

    “We are so pleased with the performance of the BIOGAZ system that we have already ordered two more units for projects in Western Pennsylvania. MEDAL’s BIOGAZ technology has given us a way to capture and recycle energy in an economical and environmentally friendly way that would have otherwise gone to waste or been burned in the landfill’s flare,” said Harry Crouse, Chairman of Keystone Renewable Energy, which runs the landfill project.


  2. Bert Channing

    System is capable of turning 40,000-160,000 cubic meters of landfill gases per day into marketable biogas.

  3. Allen Craig

    The fact that waste is being recycled in an economical and eco friendly way is commendable.There is no CO2 emission hence will not add to global warming.

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