Role of North Sea in CO2 Storage – UK-Norway Study

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A study of the role of the North Sea in providing storage space under the sea-bed for carbon dioxide from European countries was commissioned jointly by the UK and Norway. Lord Hunt and the Norwegian Minister Terje Riis-Johansen, met to agree on a clear vision for the potential role of the North Sea in the future deployment of CCS in Europe, at the conference on Climate Change and Technology in Bergen, Norway.

The study will look at how quickly the base of the North Sea could be needed for carbon dioxide storage and what the UK, Norway and other countries have to do to get it ready in time.

The aim of the study will be to build a profile for the whole of the North Sea, assessing each countries’ storage potential and projections of likely volumes and locations of CO2 flows, against a rising price of carbon.
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2 Responses to “Role of North Sea in CO2 Storage – UK-Norway Study”

  1. Curtis

    The two Ministers of Norway and U.K. agreed to intensify their co-operation, in particular to CCS

    * Commission a joint study, as an input to the
    North Sea Basin Task Force, with the aim of establishing
    a clear vision of the potential role of the North Sea in
    the future deployment of CCS in Europe by the end of the year;

    * Follow up the Bergen Conference by campaigning for
    international recognition of the role that CCS can play,
    including through their joint hosting of the Carbon
    Sequestration Leadership Forum (meeting in London on
    12-14 October);

    * Exchange information on national CCS demonstration plants and
    to engage other countries as appropriate in
    developing the necessary technologies and in the North
    Sea deployment study.

    So, the future of CCS deployment transcends
    regional and political barriers.

    BRAVO !

  2. Blake Mckenzie

    The benefits of CCS are not only environmental. There are clear business and job opportunities to be found in green energy technology.

    Wonder who are the new ROCKFELLERS and VANDERBILTS of green energy technology !!

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