CFZ Cryogenic CO2 Separation Process from ExxonMobil to be Demonstrated

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The company plans to build a commercial demonstration plant near LaBarge, Wyoming, at its Shute Creek Treating Facility, where it will use ExxonMobil’s Controlled Freeze Zone technology (CFZ). CFZ is a single-step cryogenic separation process that freezes out and then melts the CO2 and removes other components including hydrogen sulfide, as a high pressure liquid stream.

This is what the Exxon Mobil site has to say about the CFZ technology:

“Controlled Freeze Zone (CFZ) is a single-step cryogenic separation process for removing CO2 and other undesirable elements from raw natural gas. It will be deployed at a commercial demonstration plant in Wyoming that is scheduled to begin operations in late 2009.

CFZ is expected to be a lower-cost process to develop gas high in impurities, such as carbon dioxide, and reinject the impurities. That is important because our world needs additional supplies of clean-burning natural gas.” Source

If successful, the process could reduce the cost of carbon dioxide removal from produced natural gas and eliminate the use of solvents and sulfur plants. The new demonstration plant will advance the CFZ technology to commercial application. It will process about 14 million cubic feet of gas per day for injection and test a wide range of gas compositions to evaluate the extent of its applicability to the world’s undeveloped gas resources.

Construction commenced summer 2008 for operational startup in late 2009. Testing is expected to continue until end of 2010. The detailed engineering, procurement, and construction management will be provided by URS Washington Division.

CFZ was developed by ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company and has undergone significant improvements since the 1980s, when, in an industry first, it proved the concept of freezing carbon dioxide in natural gas separation with a CFZ pilot plant.


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  1. Blake Mckenzie

    I am keen on knowing what happened next. Exxon patented this tech in early 80s. Has been pouring in money on this. Have they demonstrated yet? It was proven at a pilot plant – but on a commercial scale ? any news ?

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