Clean Air Solution for Flue Gas from WI Environmental

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The process can eliminate the release of CO2 as well as heavy metals, small particles, and NOx and SOx contamination into the atmosphere. It can be applied to emissions from the smokestacks of coal and diesel-fired new or existing power plants and other smokestack and exhaust emitting devices including in the shipping industry.

The AST solution

The AST Solution is an air purification technology that does not require the use of solid filters. It applies a patented aqueous filtering system with a combination, as needed, of electrostatic filtering, UV sterilization, germicidal sterilization and additional features. It can be used to capture and eliminate CO2, particulates, smoke, bacteria and viruses, mold and mildew, pet dander, pollen and grasses, odors, chemical vapors, other allergens, and oil mists.

According to WI, a proprietary water-based solution is used to eliminate contaminants without solution leakage and unwanted humidification, and it does not re-circulate contaminants like some other systems. It can be scaled from small household portable or fixed systems, to retrofitted systems to new or existing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems, to large multi-stage systems for industrial purposes including any exhaust emitting device.

An advantage of the AST Solution, the company says, is that there are no filters to change or clean; it only requires refilling the storage tank with the water system every few weeks.In most areas, old formula in the tanks will be safe for discharge into a sanitary sewage system, WI says.

The XR-88 component

XR-88 is a WI Environmental propriety product that stabilises and renders benign a wide variety of metals (such as uranium, copper, hexavalent chromium, nickel, zinc, lead, arsenic and many others) that are found in industrial waste, acid mine drainage and nuclear power plant radioactive waste waters.

It has been extensively tested in the United States and China. Wastes treated with XR-88 have passed tests including the US Environmental Protection Agency Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (US EPA TCLP) test for leachability of trapped metals in the remaining sludge, thus yielding a non-hazardous waste.

CO2 removal is accomplished at the same time that heavy metals, small particles, NOx and SOx are removed. A major advantage to removing CO2 with XR-88, WI says, is that it chemically reacts with the CO2 to form a chalk-like material with a high silica content that can be filter pressed and used for beneficial uses.


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  1. Curtis

    XR-88™ is a trademarked chemical process that encapsulates and turns benign a wide range of heavy metals including chromium hexavalent which to date is untreatable as no matter how it is treated it reverts back to CR6. CR6 is well documented as a highly dangerous heavy metal in the environment. XR-88™ creates a bond that strengthens over years thus eliminating the need and high expense of transportation and storage in hazardous waste sites. XR-88™ does not kill aquadic life so it is ideal for usage in rivers, lakes and oceans. It is cost effective as most contamination sites only require a 1 to 2% additive rate to remediate the problem. Additionally a form of XR-88™ can be used to remediate pollution emitting smokestatcks and exhaust systems in a cost effective way with little or no carbon footprint.

    XR-88™, as per WI Environmental, is the perfect solution for cost effectively treating acid mine drainage, wastewater and many other heavy metal contaminated sites.

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