CO2 into Baking Soda – Skyonic Gets $3M Stimulus Funding

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Austin carbon capture company Skyonic will get $3 million in stimulus funding to add its technology to a San Antonio cement plant and turn carbon dioxide into baking soda.

Skyonic will wheel its CO2-to-baking-soda trailers from a Luminant coal-fired power plant, where Skyonic conducted a pilot project, to the Capitol Aggregates Ltd. cement plant, according to a spokeswoman.

The Capitol-SkyMine® plant is targeted to capture 75,000 metric-tonnes of CO2 from flue gas emitted by Capitol Aggregates’ cement plant and mineralize the carbon dioxide-emissions as baking soda, while also offsetting an additional 200,000 metric-tonnes of CO2 in the manufacture of benign chemical byproducts. The Capitol-SkyMine® plant will operate at a profit, due to the sale of these byproducts and is expected to generate over two hundred permanent jobs in Texas. The mineralized carbon dioxide (baking soda) will be used in several industrial applications and tested as feed-stock for bio-algae fuels. Capitol-SkyMine® will also neutralize acid-rain emissions, and reduce mercury and heavy metals emissions.


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  1. A Boris

    Capitol Skymine is a post combustion carbon capture process .

    Lets hear what the founder has to say of his team and post combustion carbon capture process as applied by Skymine.

    Skyonic Corporation’s founder, Joe D. Jones, said, The members of the Skyonic Team are the ones who deserve the credit for meeting the exacting standards set by the Department of Energy for insuring that only true carbon-reducing projects are chosen. David St. Angelo, Mark Clayton, Jack Lynch, Stacy MacDiarmid, David Legere, and Clive Barton, along with our corporate partners at Ford, Bacon ‘s38; Davis, Fulbright ‘s38; Jaworski, Van Ness Feldman, and Southwest Research Institute, have worked hard to make Skyonic a success and the Capitol-SkyMine’s174; project a reality.

    It takes a world-class team to earn public funding for new technology development.

  2. Curtis

    Post combustion carbon capture by Capitol Skymine is one more step in controlling CO2 emission.

    The Capitol-Skymine process apart from reducing CO2 emissions in coal powered plants it has many added benefits:

    1 The mineralized carbon dioxide (baking soda) will be used in several industrial applications

    2 as feed-stock for bio-algae fuels

    3 will also neutralize acid-rain emissions

    4 and reduce mercury and heavy metals emissions

    I strongly feel, in Post combustion carbon capture, Mineralizing CO2 emissions is the best-available method for reversing global warming.

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