German Cos RWE, BASF, Linde Developing New CO2 Capture Process

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Three German powerhouses announced a deal to jointly develop new processes for carbon dioxide capture in coal-fired power plants.

Essen-based RWE Power, Ludwigshafen’s BASF, and the Linde Group in Munich are aiming to remove 90 percent of CO2 from combustion gas in power plants.

The companies expect to have a commercial application by 2020.

The group plans to construct and operate a pilot facility at the lignite-fired power plant of RWE Power in Niederaussem to test new developments and solvents from BASF for the capture of CO2, also known as CO2 scrubbing.

Linde, the world’s largest producer of industrial and medical gases, will be responsible for the engineering and construction of the pilot plant.

Once pilot tests are complete, a subsequent demonstration plant is expected to be built in 2010.

RWE Power said it has budgeted $113.5 million for the development project, including the construction and operation of the pilot facility and demonstration plant.

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  1. It’s A Wonderfull Center

  2. chest Bruno

    Linde Engineering, is a world-renowned company in the field of petrochemicals, hydrogen syngas, natural gas, gas processing, air separation, and cryogenics.

    Linde has over 1800 process engineering patents & know-how, and more than 127 years of proven engineering experience.

    In 2008 BASF were the world’s first industrial company to publish a comprehensive carbon footprint. BASF products help to save three times more greenhouse gases than the entire amount caused by their production and disposal.

    RWE Power operates the Coal Innovation Centre at its Niederaussem power plant site. It has made this the centre of its activities for environmentally friendly power generation from coal. The company already operates Germany’s first CO2 scrubbing plant here.

    Linde,BASF,and RWE Power have the experience backed by their heritage in proven technology be it engineering,chemical or power generation.

    Their common concern for the environment has brought all three together !

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