Carbon dioxide Footprint calculator for Manufacturing units

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Carbon foot print is the total amount of Carbon dioxide that is emitted, by a person, a family, an organisation etc.,

There are many carbon footprint calculators available in the internet.
some of the popular ones are :

The general methodology of these calculators is simple. These sites ask you to esitmate on several factors like,

Food, travel,  utilities,  lifestyle etc.,  estimated   usage and the calculator does the job.

For example:

Food How often do you buy locally produced meat, vegetables and dairy products?
What about  organic meat, vegetables and dairy products?
Car Travel What kind of vehicle does one travel in?
Car, type of car, usage, fuel efficiency, bus, train, mileage, etc are esitmated and carbon foot print  calculated.
Air Travel Hours  personal air travel within one’s continent?
personal air travel to places outside the continent? Etc are asked and carbon footprint estimated.
Home utilities for heating / cooling etc What kind of house does one  live in? , How many people, How the  home is heated? cooled ? switiching off or on your lights/ fans/heaters/ ACs/ etc How warm/ cool  does one  keep the  home?

Others Electric gadgets, what all do you own, bought recently etc,
no of  pets, bills on pets etc., spend on jewellery, bath and grooming products, etc etc
are estimated  to arrive at your personal or households carbon foot print.

What about Manufacturing carbon foot prints ?

In UK  a site has launched a carbon foot print calculator for the manufacturers.

It is from a Government organisation.
It was launched in January  this year.

The url given by them is

But I dont find the site at the above url. Now.

Nevertheless, it is a good concept. Manufacturers should be able to assess their footprint and correct themselves  to minimize carbon foot print.

The concept is pretty interesting.

Imagine that for different manufacturing units like textiles, leather, watches etc., the parameters that the calculator will check will be different.  Obviously it will be Process specific.

If such a calculator is available, each unit will be able to measure their carbon foot print and take necessary action.  They can be asked to pay a carbon tax based on that.

Hope the site is rectified soon or someone else comes up with a carbon footprint calculator for the manufacturers.

4 Responses to “Carbon dioxide Footprint calculator for Manufacturing units”

  1. Hughes

    This looks interesting,

  2. Mia franceska

    You may be interested in
    The Carbon Footprint of Nations has been recognized as the Top Environmental Policy Paper in 2009 by Environmental Science & Technology (announcement).

    This a paper covering carbon footprint of nations, paying attention to trade also.

    to find out about your country’s foot print.

  3. Aathmika

    What about CO2 foot print calculator for services. Like the BPO, KPO, etc!

  4. Duncan

    Yes. CO2 footprint calculator for manufacturing is an interesting thought.
    This CO2 footprint calculator for manufacturing processes should cover different processes. It may not be easy to make. It can make mankind focus on CO2 footprint heavy processes and look for eco friendly routes.

    It can help the Governments do Carbon tax.

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