Status of CCS projects in 2010

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The Global CCS institute has come up with a report that talks about the status of various CCS projects worldwide. There were 234 CCS active or planned projects at the end of 2010 including 77 fully integrated large scale demonstration projects.  Of these projects, 2 of them made a final decision on investment recently

  • A carbon dioxide storage project in Australia-Gorgon CO2 injection project which will be the world’s largest CO2 storage project when operational.
  • The integrated gasification combined cycle project in USA operated by Southern Company will be the world’s largest CO2 capture project in the power sector.

It is now commonly accepted that CCS is a critically important emission reduction tool and a key part of a comprehensive global emission reduction strategy. According to the report as much as $40 billion will be available to bring large scale power projects online in the coming decade. Also 21 new CCS projects got underway worldwide during 2010 inspite of the soaring costs of the technology. Majority of these upcoming projects are in Europe and North America and hence both continents are also starting to develop co-ordinated efforts to sequester carbon dioxide in an economical way. Similarly, 5 large scale CCS plants are being developed in China driven by state owned companies.

The report also highlights the areas where more work needs to be done to accelerate CCS, including greater characterization of global storage options and reducing costs.

Carbon Capture and Storage

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