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Strategic control of energy usage enhances energy efficiency

Posted by on Friday, 11 March, 2011

Webair in collaboration with leading energy management firm EnerNoc will turn its data centres in to “virtual power plants” through demand response, ie by strategically controlling energy usage in its data centres.

Webair is a custom web hosting solution provider for dedicated servers, CDN, VPS, cloud computing etc.

Webair is trying to reduce their carbon footprint and also helps to preserve and restore the environment.  Webair designed a venture called “WE CARE” initiative and as a part of this Webair joined forces with American Forests to help grow a healthier world, one tree at a time.

This project of demand response is the latest energy efficiency project in Webair’s “WE CARE” initiative. Webair employs backup generators to ensure that customers experience no downtime, and routinely tests these generators to further safeguard against outages.

When called upon by EnerNoc, Webair will use its backup generators to provide additional capacity during times of peak energy usage or when there are other stresses on the system. Webair provides a clean, cost-effective alternative to using fossil-fuel-fired power plants to support grid stability through demand response.

EnerNoc helps commercial, institutional and industrial organizations use energy more intelligently, pay less for it. EnerNoc’s technology-enabled energy management solutions help meet the needs of utilities/grid operators that deliver energy and are responsible for maintaining the real-time balance between supply and demand.

EnerNoc’s enterprise carbon management application and service supports the measurement, tracking, and management of greenhouse gases across the enterprise. CarbonSMART provides seamless data connectivity that drives quality decisions on carbon risk and mitigation.

Demand response helps to reduce Co2 emission from power plants.  EnerNoc will purchase carbon credits to offset any emissions produced by Webair during a demand response dispatch, making this initiative entirely carbon-neutral.

Webair will derive additional insights about its electricity usage through complimentary smart metering equipment and EnerNoc’s web-based DemandSMART™ demand response application. Real-time energy monitoring as well as long-term usage tracking will contribute to more efficient overall operations.

Webair’s participation in demand response will contribute a more stable, sustainable and secure grid.


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