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Alberta province and CCS

Posted by on Monday, 17 January, 2011

The legislative assembly of Alberta province in Canada has passed a legislation related to CCS towards the end of last year. The Carbon capture and storage amendment statues amendment act 2010, Bill 24 is an amendment to the existing act. Some of the main features covered by this amendment act are pore space ownership, long term liability and establishing a CCS fund.

1.       Pore space ownership: For the first time, the act talks about the ownership of pore spaces underground where the carbon dioxide is injected. The act says the ownership of the pores pace lies with the government and any company interested in using the pore spaces for storing the captured Co2 from industries need to get prior permission from the concerned authorities

2.       Long term liability: according to the act, the provincial government of Alberta is liable for the carbon dioxide that is injected in the underground storage reservoir.

3.       CCS fund: The act also establishes a fund pooled in by the CCS project operators to fund the ongoing monitoring costs and for any remediation if required.

Alberta is the first province in Canada to legislate on a subject related to CCS. This is in line with the Alberta’s goal to bring a minimum of 5 commercial projects online by 2015. Alberta has committed C$2billion in 2008 towards carbon capture and storage projects. This fund would be used to develop technologies to capture and store carbon emissions in a safe way in order to reduce CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Alberta’s energy minister Ron Liepert compares the investment in CCS to that of investment in research of oil sands decades ago.