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Research in Carbon Capture Sequestration

Posted by on Monday, 14 February, 2011

RECS stands for Research Experience in Carbon Sequestration program.

Supported by the Office of Fossil Energy (FE), DOE, the program is for graduate students and early career professionals.

In fact, incidentally it is currently accepting applications for the RECS 2011.

RECS 2011, a collaboration between EnTech Strategies, Southern Company and SECARB-Ed, is supported by DOE, FE and the National Energy Technology Laboratory.

Other sponsors  include Alstom, American Electric Power and the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.

At present RECS accepts only 30 students in a year. The course is free. Not only is the course tution free, it also covers all housing and meal costs. The course lasts for just 10 days.

Firstly, I feel that the objective of the course currently  is to create future leaders and innovators in the area of carbon capture and storage.

President Obama has said in his recent highly popular speech, ” …. we need to out innovate the world”.

You can take it as America should out innovate China or America should out innovate Germany or Japan or India.

May be that is what he meant.

The dire need for mankind right now is to out innovate nature. Out innovate climate change.

Yes mankind has to out innovate climate change.

So, there is a need to make this course mandatory for most power plants all over the world.

Research in Carbon capture and storage or Research in CCS or sequestration, is important. Research experience is even more important as it will spur the young minds to get into action. Which is exactly what the power plants need. To capture carbon and sequester.

Every power plant should have atleast two  young employees who should have gone through the course within the next few years.
And they should have sponsored two bright undergrad or post grad students from their country. Exceptionally bright students.

There should be 100 students per batch and atleast 20 batches a year.

In other words, the objective would be to expose bright young minds to the feasibility and experience of research in carbon capture and sequestration.

The course must be charged and fees collected from respective powerplants.

Let us help create innovators who can out innovate climate change using CCS.