PowerPlant CCS Informative Links

Aluminium CO2 emissions

Emission   monitoring and reduction in aluminium production

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Steel,   aluminum and carbon: alternative strategies for meeting the 2050 carbon   emission targets

Primary   Aluminum Production: Climate Policy, Emissions and Costs

Methodology   for the free allocation of emission allowances in the EU ETS post 2012

Cement CO2 emissions

CO2   Emissions Profile of the U.S. Cement Industry

Co2   emissions from cement production

Energy   Efficiency and Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reduction Opportunities in the U.S.   Cement Industry

Atlanta-based company   develops greener cement   

Emission   Reduction of Greenhouse Gases from the Cement Industry

A   blueprint for a climate friendly cement industry

Direct   Emissions from the Cement Sector


CO2 Capture - Oxy-fuel Combustion

International   Oxy-Combustion Research Network

An   Integrated Approach for Oxy-fuel Combustion with CO2 Capture and Compression

Oxyfuel combustion for   coal-fired power generation with co2 capture – opportunities and challenges

Oxy-Fuel   combustion  for co2 capture from pc   boilers

Oxyfuel   carbonation/calcination cycle for low cost CO2

Modern   coal-fired oxyfuel power plants with co2 capture – energetic and economic   evaluation

CO2 Capture - Post Combustion

Advanced   post-combustion co2 capture

optimising   co2 capture from pulverised coal plants

klerco2capture   in future igcc plant

CO2 Capture - Pre combustion

Pre-combustion   CO2 capture from biogas - the way forward?  

CO2capture in future IGCC plant

Pre-Combustion   CO2 Capture Technologies Treating Gaseous Fuels - EU-FP6-Project CACHET

Pre-combustion   capture of carbon dioxide

Co2   capture in Pre- and Oxy-combustion

CO2 Sequestration Using Algae

Carbon   dioxide sequestration via algae biofuels: an overview  

Carbon   Capture: The Algae Alternative 

Selection   of optimal micro algae species for CO2 sequestration

Using   algae to trap carbon dioxide, Orissa show how  

Greenhouse   gas sequestration by algae – energy and greenhouse gas life cycle studies

Microbial   Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide and Subsequent conversion to Methane

An   Ice-Free Arctic Ocean Will Not Absorb More CO2

GMO   trees for sequestering more carbon?

Carbon   dioxide sequestering using micro algal systems

CO2   bio-mitigation using micro algae

CO2 Storage - Coal Bed Methane

CO2   Enhanced Coal Bed Methane (CSIRO-JCOAL–ECBM)

CO2 Storage and   Sink Enhancements: Developing Comparable Economics development   of a field experiment of co2 storage in coal seams in the upper Silesian   basin of Poland (recopol)

Coal   bed Methane, A Fossil Fuel Resource with the Potential for Zero Greenhouse   Gas Emissions – the Alberta, Canada Program 1996 -2009: A Summary

Field-testing   cot sequestration and enhanced coal bed methane recovery in Alberta, Canada –   a historical perspective and future plans

CCS   Activities and Developments in China

CO2 Storage - Enhanced Oil   Recovery

The   World's Largest CO2 Storage Research Project with EOR

Fact   Sheet: CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery

U.s.   oil production potential from accelerated deployment of carbon capture and   storage

Preliminary   Study of CO2 Storage in Reservoirs—Case Study of Shengli Oil Field

CO2Storage   / EOR Projects

CO2 Sequestration and   Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential in Illinois Basin Oil Reservoirs

CO2 Storage - Mineral   Sequestration

Carbon   Dioxide Sequestration by Direct Mineral Carbonation: Results from Recent   Studies and Current Status

The   basics of Carbon capture and sequestration

Mineral   sequestration of carbon dioxide in basalt: A pre-injection overview of the CarbFix   project

Air   Capture and Mineral Sequestration

Co2 - mineral   reaction in a natural analogue for co2 storage – implications for modeling

Co2   sequestration by magnesium silicate mineral carbonation in finland

Mineral co2   sequestration in alkaline solid residents

CO2 Storage - Saline Aquifers

CO2   Storage in Saline Aquifers

Reservoir  simulation of co2 storage in deep saline   Aquifers

Opportunities   for CO2 Capture and Geological Storage in Brazil: The CARBMAP Project

CO2   Storage into Dipped Saline Aquifers Including Ambient Water Flow

Physical and Economic   Potential of Geological CO2 Storage in Saline Aquifers

Remediation   of CO2 Leakage from Deep Saline Aquifer Storage Based on Reservoir and   Pollution Engineering Techniques

Accelerating   CO2 Dissolution in Saline Aquifers for Geological Storage s Mechanistic and   Sensitivity Studies

CO2 Storage - Under Oceans

Uptake   and Storage of Carbon Dioxide in the Ocean: The Global C02 Survey

Development   of a high-pressure water tunnel facility for ocean co2 storage   experimentation

Carbon   dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS) in Japan

Can   CO2 hydrate assist in the underground storage of carbon dioxide?

Acceptance of ccs   under international conventions and agreements


Ocean Storage of   CO2

CO2 Transportation

Co2 capture,   transport and storage

Development of a   co2 transport and storage network in the north sea

Co2   Transportation is it safe and reliable

Cost Optimized CO2   Pipeline Transportation Grid: A case Study from Italian Industries

Pumps   for CO2 Capture, Transportation and Storage

ADB   Sustainable Development Working Paper Series

Transportation   Infrastructure forces -  Experiences   and expected development

Liquefaction   of captured co2 for ship-based transport

Costs of CO2 Sequestration

The cost of   carbon capture

Opportunities   for early application of co2 sequestration technology

Geologic   CO2 Sequestration Technology and Cost Analysis

Role of co2   sequestration by country for global warming mitigation after 2013

Modeling   infrastructure for a fossil hydrogen energy system with co2 sequestration

The   Cost of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage in Geologic Formations

Geologic   Sequestration off Carbon Di oxide

Iron and Steel CO2 emissions

Direct   Emissions from Iron & Steel Production

Iron   and Steel Production Final Rule: Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gases

India’s   Iron and Steel Industry: Productivity, Energy Efficiency and Carbon Emissions

Energy   use and carbon dioxide emissions from steel production in China

Energy   Efficiency and Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reduction Opportunities in the U.S.   Iron and Steel Sector

Mitigating CO2 by Replacing Coal   with Biomass

Co-firing   of Biomass and Opportunity Fuels in Low NOx Burners

Co2   Mitigation by Biomass-fired Power Generation in Japan

Power Plants CO2 emissions

Controlling   power plant co2 emissions: a long range view

Carbon   Dioxide Emissions from the Generation of Electric Power in the United States

Wood-fueled   biomass power plants and co2 emissions

Carbon footprint   of electricity generation

Techno   economic evaluation of IGCC power plants for CO2 avoidance


Pulp and Paper CO2 emissions

Energy   Use, Technologies and CO2 Emissions in the the Pulp and Paper Industry

Pathways to a   sustainable European pulp and paper industry: Trade-offs between different   technologies  and system solutions for   kraft pulp mills

A   Comparative Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Coated Paper Production   Key Differences between China and the U.S.

Cogeneration   in brazilian pulp and paper industry from biomass-origin to reduce co2   emissions

Pathways   to a sustainable European Pulp and Paper industry: Trade-offs between   different technologies and system solutions for kraft pulp mills

Emission   Factors for Combustion of Biomass Fuels in the Pulp and Paper Mills

Carbon   Emissions Reduction Potential in the US Chemicals and Pulp and Paper   Industries by Applying CHP Technologies.

Solvents and Sorbents for CO2   Capture

Advanced   Post-Combustion CO2 Capture

Comparative   study of chemical absorbents in post combustion CO2 capture

CO2   capture by amine-enriched fly ash carbon sorbents

Solid   Sorbents for CO2 Capture from Powerplant Exhaust Streams

Novel  calcium-based regenerative sorbents for   high-temperature co2 capture

A   Low Cost, High Capacity Regenerable Sorbent for CO2 Capture

The   role of solids in co2 capture: a mini review

CO2   Capture Utilizing Solid Sorbents

Solid   Amine CO2 Capture Sorbents

Textiles CO2 emissions

Carbon   Footprint Analysis of Textile Reuse and Recycling